All official Great Lakes Marathon Series races completed from 2013 on will count towards completion of the Series. Please note that the Great Lakes Marathon Series can only be accomplished by running the 26.2 mile distances offered by each event. Races run at any other distance will not count towards the completion of the race series.

The Great Lakes Marathon Series recognizes that many of our races fall on the same weekends or even the same day. There is no time limit to complete the Great Lakes Marathon Series and we encourage participants to complete races at their own pace and reach for a long-term goal.

Registrants must complete each race, start line to finish line, within each event’s time requirement. All registrants must sign up for each race individually and comply to race registration guidelines. Being signed up for the Great Lakes Marathon Series does not guarantee entry into any race. You must sign up for each race in the Great Lakes Marathon Series through their own individual registration process.

A marathon shall be run without interruption except for natural events such as a thunderstorm. A run temporarily interrupted by a natural event can be counted if at least 26 miles 385 yards has been completed, and is allowed by that Marathon’s race director.

When a registered member has completed the Great Lakes Marathon Series Races, each one of their races will be verified by a Great Lakes Marathon Series administrator. The finisher award will be provided at no additional cost to all finishers who have completed all races in the series.

Please note that if you have run any of these races prior to signing up for the Great Lakes Marathon Series, they will not be allowed as fulfillment towards completion of the series. You will have to run the race again.